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We just love ice cream!

Farm Luck opened in 2016. We are housed in the old Waxahachie Bank & Trust building which was built in the late 1800s. The county bought the building in the 1980s and made it the county clerks office. Many Farm Luck customers fondly recall getting their marriage license here but don't quite recognize the layout. In 2013, the Jim Lake company bought the building and began restoring it. The penny tile floor is original to the building as is the safe which houses the Farm Luck kitchen. Speaking of the safe, go down the hallway at Farm Luck and check out the safe door. It weighs as much as a F-150 pick-up truck. The wood floors in the candy store are original to the building.

The bar is not original to the building. It was built around the 1930s by San Antonio's Friedrich Refrigeration company. Originally, the bar was a butcher counter with a refrigerated top, the first of its kind. When you visit Farm Luck, look closely at the middle of the bar and you'll see the Friedrich logo. Texans might recognize the Friedrich name because they were pioneers in refrigeration as well as the original designers of longhorn chairs. The owners of Farm Luck found both the bar and the mirrors in a barn in Poetry, Texas. The bar and mirrors had 6 layers of paint on them and took 6 months to fully restore. 

Other historic elements that can be seen in Farm Luck are the front window bar, copper scale, and windmill.  The window bar is constructed of 200 year old wood. The wood was part of the upstairs flooring from a historic building. The copper scale over hanging the retail area came from Brazil and was used to weigh coffee. The windmill hanging behind the bar originated in the pan handle of Oklahoma. If you look closely, you can see were someone used the tail of it for target practice.


It's what's on the inside that counts

Chris and Pattilyn Wilkinson are the owners of Farm Luck. They wanted to open a place in downtown Waxahachie where families could go to hang out and make great memories. The Wilkinsons are Aggies, so when you see the Howdy Y'all on the back of the Farm Luck t-shirts or on the chalk board, it's a nod to their fond memories at Texas A&M and the courteous greeting which is prevalent on the A&M campus. 

What does Farm Luck mean? We're so glad you asked! Chris and Pattilyn originally wanted to call the soda fountain "The Farmacy" to honor the history of farming in Ellis county as well as a nod to the pharmacies of yesterday where one could get a malt and prescription in the same place.  When the state of Texas informed them that only drug dispensaries can use the name farmacy/pharmacy, the Wilkinsons went back to the drawing board. They decided "Farm" could still honor the history of farming in Ellis County and the "Luck" is a blend of their boys' names, Jack and Luke. The "Luck" stands as a reminder that the original goal of opening the restaurant was to create lasting memories for their boys and for children of all ages.

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